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How it starts.

You have a message or event that matters. We know the people that need to hear it.

You decide how and when you’d like to advertise.

We will work alongside you to develop a custom campaign using the Academica Top Ten daily newsletter, optimizing value and reach.

In the hopper.

After we finalize the plan together, we will work with you to draft the content with the greatest impact on our audience.
Need a hand with deciding exactly what to say? We can write your content for an additional fee. 

In the inbox.

We schedule your ad(s) or article. When the day comes, whether it’s an ad in the Academica Top Ten newsletter or a longform article on the Academica Forum, your message will reach over 8,000 inboxes across the country.

All of the ad space goes to you — we only run one ad per edition of the Top Ten so your ad isn’t competing for attention.

Over to you.

Using a strong call-to-action, bring our readers to the landing page of your choice, giving you more space to engage them. Maybe you want them to sign up for a conference, register for a professional development course, or read your latest research: whatever the goal, the audience is engaged. 

The follow-up.

After each ad you run, we will follow up with engagement metrics so that you can track the success of your campaign. 

The Options.

our baseline offerings.
Using our baseline plans, we’ll work with you to find a solution that works

The Academica Top Ten Sponsored Inserts. 

The Top Ten is the most trusted source for higher ed news, sector wide. Relying on this trusted brand, spread your message across the sector. 

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A compelling headline, 60-90 words of copy,
and a call to action
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Link to a custom landing page
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Follow up metrics 3-5 day after the ad runs

The Academica Forum.

Long-form content that introduces your insights, research, or message to the sector. Your content is hosted indefinitely on the Academica Forum.

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A compelling headline, 500-750 words of blog-style copy, a call to action
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Link to a custom landing page
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An additional ad in the Top Ten directing readers to your article
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"Advertising in Academica's Top Ten led to the most website traffic we've ever had, helping us reach over 200 institutions in just one day."

Brady Burke
Director of Marketing, Textbooks for Change

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is timing like for booking? 

You can book as many ads as you need, as far in advance as you’d like. Due to demand, we typically book two weeks in advance. However, if your timeline is tight, we will try our best to accommodate, working alongside you to develop a solution that can work.

When supplying Top Ten ad copy, we ask for a 2-business day minimum lead time and if you’re supplying copy for a Forum article, we ask for a 4-business day minimum lead time.

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Do I draft the copy for my Forum article, or do you?

It’s your choice! Clients typically provide the copy for their Forum articles, though for an additional fee, we can draft it. If you’d like us to draft your article, we will meet with you to talk about what you’d like included, and to ensure we have a firm understanding of what we’re writing about. Then, we will send it to you to edit and approve. 

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What’s the best day of the week to run an ad? 

We don’t notice significant differences attributed to the day of the week an ad runs. A compelling headline with strong copy and an actionable call to action help ensure that an ad will perform well — that’s why we work with you to ensure that any ad copy being posted is optimized for the platform and the readership.  

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Do I draft the copy for my ad, or do you?

It’s up to you! If you draft your ad copy, we will edit it to ensure it’s optimized for the platform. Alternatively, we can draft your ad copy for the Top Ten at no added cost, working alongside you to ensure it meets your needs and aligns with what you envisioned. Either way, whether we edit your copy or we draft it, you always get the final approval. 

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Can I edit the style of my ad or include a picture?

To maintain consistency and accessibility of the Top Ten, the style or design of ads cannot be edited at this time. To maximize the accessibility of our newsletter, ads are fully text-based and do not include graphics or pictures at this time. 

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What do engagement metrics include?

After an ad runs in the Top Ten, within 3-5 days you may request engagement metrics that include how many views and clicks your ad received. We highly recommend using a custom tracking link to help ensure you’re able to get as much value from the campaign as possible. 

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